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This original driveway was cracked, broken and terrible looking after 30 years
on the expanding and contracting clay underneath. It had no steel in it,
not even wire, which made it a lot easier to demolish.

The new driveway has steel on 2' centers, and the surface of the concrete
has color and texture stamped into it to simulate stone. When the surface
inevitably cracks, the cracks are obscured by the irregularities.

Everything starts like any other driveway pour, except we limited ourselves
to about 400 sq feet at a time, so that we'd have time to stamp it before
it got too hard.

The mix has a color in it, and the release powder has another color.
The powder is cast on the surface just before stamping. My friend Rick Rogers,
a very skilled stone mason and concrete guy, did the stamping, I took care of
the demo, the forms and the steel with a few other friends.

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