GS hodge podge

Uncle John's Garage Sale

Table of Contents

    Queequeg Casts His Bones

    Chapter  1      Fish Hook

    Chapter  2      Mexican Leather

    Chapter  3      Ojuzu Beads

    Chapter  4      Tukuche Turquoise

    Chapter  5      Ganesh

    Chapter  6      Deli Sign

    Chapter  7      Buddha Eyes

    Chapter  8      Hands of John Muir

    Chapter  9      Powell-Peralta Tees SOLD

    Chapter  10     One of a Kind Sign SOLD

Chapter  11     Curly Redwood For Sale

    Chapter  12     Gaughen's Emporium For Sale

    Chapter  13     Wizard and Dragon SOLD

    Chapter  14     Muchas Garcias

    Chapter  15     Two Guitars For Sale

    Chapter  16     No Evil Shirts For Sale

    Chapter  17     The Brick Collection

    Chapter  18     Moon Goddess & Likeke For Sale

    Chapter  99     La Ofrenda

GS hodge podge

There is no Garage Sale. That's just the name of the book.
Some things are being sold anyway, it just takes a serious offer.
Like the guy in Chapter 9


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